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The Aldershot Players are proud supporters of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital

TAP has also donated to the following organizations over the years:

-Aldershot Food Bank (Partnership West) every season since 1995!
-Church Fire Retrofit Fund
-Animal Aid  (3)
-West Burlington -Citizens Ass'n (2)
-Halton Women's Place (5)
-Lupus Ass'n
-Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Ass'n
-Huntington Society of Canada
-Tourettes Syndrome Foundation
-Friends In Grief (3)
-Huntington-Chorea Society of Canada (2)
-ALS Society
-The Hub
-Canine Vision
-Carpenter Hospice (3)
-Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Support Group
-Aldershot Community Council's Drop-In Centre
-Easter Seal Socity (Halton)
-Playsafe/Drivesafe Program
-Autism Society, (Halton Chapter) (2)
-Plains Road Village Vision
-West Plains United Church Elevator Fund
-Heart and Stroke Foundation (Halton)
-Burlington Stroke Recovery Ass'n
-Shifra House
-Burlington Ubuntu Grandwomen
-Community Child Abuse Council
-Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy Canada
-Maria's Animal Rescue
-Burlington Humane Society (2)
-Telecare Burlington
-The Compassionate Society
-The Angel Project
-Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs

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TAP-ping Through the Years

We have been very fortunate over the years to have been able to present to our audiences some wonderful and diverse plays. Our stage has been filled with a plethora of characters including hesitant grooms, doctors in drag, invisible rabbits, inflatable crocodiles, secretaries with straw skirts, sword-fighting stars, sexy stewardesses, dueling tenors and a dead gardener with a rather large...rake.

They're all here, from our first season to our current season. There are pictures, programs, posters, slideshows, reviews and brochures. So sit back, enjoy and relive the memories of your favourite TAP shows.

(Special thanks to longtime TAP-supporter Thelma Hazzard, who provided most of the old programs you'll see on these pages. Thanks Thelma!
Do you have any TAP memoriablia to share? Maybe an old program, some pictures of a cast party, a newspaper clipping, etc? Let us know! We promise to take good care of it and will return it to you once we're finished. Just think...your memories will be preserved forever in Cyberspace. Kinda like sending them for a ride on the Space Shuttle ..... kinda ...)

You may need a PDF reader for some files; if so, you can find it here.
You may need Windows Media Player for some files; if so you can find it here.

Season 1

Fall 1986
Rise and Shine/The Invisible Worm

Season 2

Fall 1987
The Other Half/The Dear Departed

Season 3

Fall 1988
The Travelling Sisters/Off With His Head

Spring 1989
A Fine Monster You Are


Season 4

Fall 1990
Exit The Body


Season 5

Fall 1991
Best Laid Plans

Season 6

Fall 1992
Pools Paradise

Season 7

Fall 1993
See How They Run

Spring 1994
Luxury Cruise


Season 8

Fall 1994
I'll Get My Man

Spring 1995
Murder On the Rerun

Season 9

Fall 1995
Exit Who?

Spring 1996
The Butler Did It

Season 10

Fall 1996
Doctor In the House

Spring 1997
June Groom


Season 11

Fall 1997
The Second Time Around

Spring 1998
The Butler Did It Again

Season 12

Fall 1998
Perfect Timing

Spring 1999
One Toe In the Grave

Season 13

Fall 1999
Play On!

Spring 2000
It Runs In The Family

Season 14

Fall 2000

Spring 2001

Season 15

Fall 2001
Saving Grace

Spring 2002
The Odd Couple (female version)


Season 16

Fall 2002
All the Bright Young Angels

Spring 2003
Here On The Flight Path


Season 17

Fall 2003
You Can't Take It With You

Spring 2004
Moon Over Buffalo

Season 18

Fall 2004
Boeing Boeing

Spring 2005
Self Help

Season 19

Fall 2005
Perfect Wedding

Spring 2006
Out Of Order


Season 20

Fall 2006
Lend Me A Tenor

Spring 2007
I Hate Hamlet

Season 21

Fall 2007
Love Sex and the IRS

Spring 2008
Office Hours

Season 22

Fall 2008
Romantic Comedy

Spring 2009
Key For Two

Season 23

Fall 2009
The Mousetrap

Spring 2010
The Underpants

Season 24

Fall 2010
The Kitchen Witches

Spring 2011
Bedtime Stories

Season 25

Fall 2011
The Long Weekend

Spring 2012
Maggie's Getting Married

Season 26

Fall 2012
Dearly Departed

Spring 2013

Season 27

Fall 2014
Jenny's House of Joy

Spring 2015
Don't Misunderstand Me

Season 28

Fall 2015
Funny Money

Season 29

Fall 2016
Sex Please, We're Sixty!


Season 30

Spring 2017
The Cemetery Club

Fall 2017
Key For Two

Season 31

Spring 2018
Opening Night

Fall 2018
Run For Your Wife

Season 32

Spring 2019
Always a Bridesmaid

Fall 2019
Love All

Season 33

Spring 2020

Fall 2020
Murder at the Worcestershire



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The Aldershot Players perform at West Plains United Church, located at 549 Plains Rd. West Burlington Ontario. Our mailing address is:The Aldershot Players PO Box 71015 Burlington, Ontario L7T 4J8 Phone number: (905) 381-1441
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