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The Aldershot Players are proud supporters of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital.

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The underpants

Did you know.......

  • One of the pictures on the wall featured Heather Hunter's grandmother and great-grandmother.
  • Three people try to touch Theo's gramophone player: Klinglehoff, Cohen and Versati. The only person who actually touched it was Louise.
  • The version of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony used in the show was taken from recording made in 1965 and conducted by Herbert Von Karajan.
  • There were three different newspapers used. Each featured headlines related to the play, which were written in half English/half German. To see the different papers, click here.
  • The record on the gramophone was Mystery Train by The "King" Elvis Presley.
  • The portrait of the King was taken in the fireplace lobby of West Plains United Church.
  • During one performance, Mike Queripel forgot his costume underpants (they were getting washed at home). When it came time for his scene, Mike entered, wearing his own boxers.



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The Aldershot Players perform at West Plains United Church, located at 549 Plains Rd. West Burlington Ontario. Our mailing address is:The Aldershot Players PO Box 71015 Burlington, Ontario L7T 4J8 Phone number: (905) 381-1441
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