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The Aldershot Players are proud supporters of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital.

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Sex Please, We're Sixty
SEASON 29 - Fall 2016

Did you know.......

  • The "viagra" pills used in the play were actually M&M candies. There were so many little bags of "pills" backstage that the actors kept taking each others bag, thinking it was theirs. This led to some worried moments between actors backstage as they searched for the magic blue "pills".
  • The couch on stage took quite a beating from all the "action" it saw during the lovemaking scenes. During the course of the play, one by one, all the legs broke off. These were repaired so the show could go on but the couch just wasn't the same. By the end of the run of the show, the couch was taken to the curb and thrown out.
  • Joey Nobleman (Henry Mitchell) is a stand-up comedian in his spare time. As such, he took it upon himself to try to crack up the other actors on stage. One of the most successful moments was when poor Henry found himself on the floor doing the "worm" in front of a bemused (and always laughing) Bev Mattson (Hillary Hudson).
  • The pills on the poster that form a trail from the pill bottle to the senior with a walker are actually the same two pills which were just copied, pasted, shrunk, and maneuvered to look like they numbered in the hundreds.




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