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The Aldershot Players are proud supporters of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital.

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All the Bright Young Angels
SEASON 16 - FALL 2002

Did you know.......

  • Greta McNabney was legally blind when she performed in this show. Before each performance, she was led to her seat at the side of the stage by either the director or the stage manager.
  • The show's intro music was all songs by The Beatles performed by other artists. All the songs in the show were done by The Beatles (not live, of course!).
  • Greta McNabney had her lines memorized for the auditions.
  • During one scene, "Hector" the mouse actually made an appearance on stage. Fishing line was laid on the stage with a fake mouse tied to one end. When the girls saw the mouse for the first time, the line was pulled across the stage, dragging Hector with it. It was a very fast entrance and exit and only visible to the first four or five rows of the audience but judging by the number of squeals from those in the audience who saw Hector, the effect worked very well!
  • The number of lighting cues was more than the lighting board could handle and some cues originally requested by the director were cut out.
  • This was Greta McNabney's final production. She passed away a year later. A videotape of her performance was presented to her family.
  • The cast presented the director (a BIG Beatles fan) an autographed poster of The Beatles....autographed by the cast that is! This poster later appeared in the TAP production of Love, Sex and the IRS.




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