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The Aldershot Players are proud supporters of Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital.

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A little bit about us....

Our Mission Statement

At TAP, we believe that there is no difference between professional and amateur theatre. Rather the distinction lies between good and bad theatre and at TAP, we don't perform bad theatre!

(Hmmm....that sounds a little pretentious, doesn't it? ..... but it's true ....... oh, what the hell, so we're pretentious! And to further that thought, here are some more things about TAP that you might not know...)

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Our History

A few years ago, a band of intrepid souls decided to head over to Johnson's barn, build themselves a stage, and put on the best darn show ever to raise money for the local orphanage. This, however, isn't their story...

TAP began in 1986 as the West Plains Dinner Theatre, presenting two one act comedies in a dinner theatre setting. As the years passed, the crowds got bigger, the one act shows were replaced with full length productions and people began to take notice of this small group growing in West Burlington. In the spring of 1994, The Aldershot Players were officially born and we've been entertaining audiences ever since.

We perform two shows a year; one in the fall, after Thanksgiving and one in the spring, after Easter. Our evening presentation includes a great three course meal (Hint to all our guests: the dessert table is VERY popular!), followed by the show. Our mandate is simple: we perform comedies, farces, and classics (or soon-to-be-classics) for the enjoyment of our audience. Feed them, make them laugh and send them home happy.

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Our Stage

We perform our shows at the 110 seat theatre at West Plains United Church 549 Plains Rd. W. Burlington, Ontario. There isn't a bad seat in the place, with no seat further than 50 feet from the stage. (For a seating chart, CLICK HERE.) The back six rows of seats are elevated to help with sightlines. Even the overflow seats aren't that bad! (Hint to all our guests: The best row in the house is Row E, but if you like being up close and personal with the actors, ask for Row A.)

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So you've got this far and you're thinking "Boy, it sounds so great. I'd like to see a show there. But how do I get tickets?" Well it couldn't be simpler, my friend! Call the TAP-line @ 905-381-1441 and leave a message. Our trusty ticket agents will get back to you, let you know what seats are available and help you decide what date is best for you. And if you have any special requirements in the way of food, please let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate you as best we can.
Did you miss the Seating Chart? Here it is!

Ticket prices are as follows:
Dinner & Show: $45.00/person
This is for the Friday or Saturday night performances. Dinner starts at 6:30pm, the show starts at 8:00pm.
Show Only: $20.00/person
On the two Thursday nights in the middle of the run, we perform show only nights. A little cheaper but no meal. Show starts at 8:00pm

Please Note! Due to the preparation needs of our caterer, we are unable to accept ticket reservations after 5:00pm on the day of the show.

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Join Us!

Don't let the above trio scare you, we really are a fun bunch to work with. So why not come out and have some fun? There are so many ways to get involved:

  • On-stage: You can try your hand at acting. Come out for an audition, read from a script, get to meet fellow local actors, and gain valuable experience and insight to how the whole process works.
  • Backstage: Pick from a loooong list of activites...assistant stage managing, props, costumes...there's lots to be done and we will definitely welcome the help. And don't worry if you've never done it before...we'll help you learn as you go.
  • Off-stage: Handy with a hammer? How about set construction... Passionate with a paint brush? How about set painting... Delighted with designing? How about set decor... Not sure where you could fit in? Ask us!
  • Management: Do you want to take on a more active role? We always need good directors, producers, stage-managers, technical crew. Or you could join our board and have a voice in the future of TAP.

Best of all, it's FREE! We know you'll have fun, and you may even get invited to those infamous TAP cast parties! So don't delay, contact us TODAY!

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Contact Us

If any of the above sounds interesting and you'd like to find out more, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. There are a number of ways to do just that:
905-381-1441 (leave a message)
Snail mail:
The Aldershot Players
Box 71015
Burlington, Ontario
L7T 4J8

We'd love to hear from you! Really, we would....

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The Aldershot Players perform at West Plains United Church, located at 549 Plains Rd. West Burlington Ontario. Our mailing address is:The Aldershot Players PO Box 71015 Burlington, Ontario L7T 4J8 Phone number: (905) 381-1441
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